Sunday, October 24, 2010

Scarlett's Nightmare Pictures

I nicked some pictures of the show Scarlett's Nightmare taken by my friend Roger Hendrix. The show was awesome fun! I actually think I looked kinda scary! And because I am narcissistic most of the pictures are of The belt I'm wearing is handspun/dyed/woven, of course!

Here is the list of performers that are pictured here:

Karma - spectre
Tre - ghosts
Elizabeth Mahina (me)- demon
Desert Lotus Tribal - Dia de los muretos
Edenia - cat
Duality- insane assylum
Blue Moon Haven - Claustraphobia
Alexandra Samuel - Undertaker
Marjhani - Death
Olu - Snake
Om Sisters - Crazy clowns
Chimay - Fortune tellers
Vampires - Black Orchid Belly Dance

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Scarlett's NIghtmare

One more little thing this weekend I'm dancing in a show which is a charity fund raiser callled Scarlett's Nightmare...I'm sworn to secrecy about my part so I won't revel who I'm playing. But I will take my camera along and make sure I get video this time! My life will be taken over tomorrow by Tech rehearsal and then a matinee & evening show on Saturday!
Here's the link for info and tickets

Love Your Body Day for Bellydancers

A few months ago I agreed to dance at this event
called Love Your Body Day for Bellydancers. I truly love the girls in my troupe, but they are picture perfect type girls-except me. And you know I realize I'm not what you would call fat by any measure, but I am a woman getting older, gaining weight, getting grey hair & wrinkles. I felt a strong need to dance at something where I would be able to publicly "love my body." I needed it as a remedy for all the negative thoughts I throw at my body and myself!
I just want to love who I am now and be happy and
healthy. It's a funny thing cause I don't feel any dislike or distaste for anyone else who is not our society's idea of perfect but I'm so critical of myself. Anyway, I agreed to dance a was really fun! I loved it. Here are some pictures...I
wish I had video cause I felt really good about my performance,
but Robert couldn't come along.

Then later that evening Robert & I went to a Halloween party put on by our friends of Port of the Black Sail. We dressed as Morticia and Gomez Addams...Robert was SO awesome! For my performance I started out dancing a solo...Morticia style and then he joined me to dance a tango when I inadvertently spoke French!! The song was so great too, the Masocism Tango!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

What we did on the Hottest day ever recorded in downtown L.A.

We had to bring our bunnies indoors naturally! On September 27th the temperatures in downtown L.A. reached a record high of 113F (or 45C depending on your preferred language), up here in the Santa Monica Mountains on my car's thermometer read 114F.

Riley & Puffy----------------------------------------->

I knew it was hot when I left my home to go to yoga class at 9:30am but when I got out I was shocked at how hot it was becoming! I rushed home to save my rabbits! I mean could you imagine wearing an angora sweater in that kind of heat? They were limp when I got there...I brought Puffy in and he crawled under the coffee table and panted and then brought Midnight in and she crawled under my loom to do the same. I set them up with some ice bottles and water in a big hutch in the kitchen. I was afraid they would die...we had already lost another bunny earlier in the summer, Snowflake and I didn't want to repeat that. Here are some pictures after they recovered.

I had to sneak in a picture of the overshot I'm weaving...don't ask what it's going to be. I don't know yet!

This is Midnight after she felt better and was able to hop around under the loom happily.

Tales of Desire dvd

I was just realizing that I don't know if I've posted that I'm in this DVD called Tales of Desire
You can buy it from Hollywood Music or on

Friday, October 1, 2010


Ok so I just signed onto blogger to catch up on reading the several blogs that I follow and it says I'm not following any blogs! WTF is that about? Sorry! Did this happen to anyone else or is it just me?