Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hello out there

Hello friends!
I feel I need to start with an apology for the neglect of this blog!  In 2014 I decided that in order to fulfill my life long dream of being a painter and illustrator it would be necessary to hone my skills. So I signed up for classes and finally went back to Ventura College where I had studied art in the past.  I was encouraged to complete my degree and told by the counselor that it could be out of there in a year!  Well I did graduate with a degree in Studio arts from Ventura College in spring of 2016.  This lead me to continuing my education at California State University Channel Islands, a local school with a wonderful art program.  I just finished my junior year at CSUCI.

During the time I've been in school although much of my focus has been on the making of art I still practice the fiber arts of spinning, knitting, and weaving which have always give me a chance to rest my mind and of course the practice of bellydance.  This blog has always been a good place for me to share my eclectic creative life (even though at some point ALL of my photos went missing).

I'm in the process of building a website that will be accessible at ElizArtist.com for the moment it is under construction.  But life marches on and I need to post some immediate portfolio pieces!  I'll definitely be posting to let people know when my move to the new website is complete.

For now I hope you enjoy looking at some of my art here on Blogger  http://elizabethmahinasouzaportfolio.blogspot.com/