Monday, May 27, 2013

Spring time run down

Remember the "what I did last summer" essays you wrote when you were a kid?  Well this is what I did this spring only more pictures then essay!

I got to perform in Club Bellydance at Club Fais Do Do in L.A. with the Bellydance Superstars!  
 Then there was the Ojai Belly Dance Festival daytime was vending and dancing with my student troupe Tandava.
In the night show I danced with She'enedra representing the Goddess Tiamit you can watch the video here:  She'Enedra @ Ojai Bellydance Festival 2013 - YouTube

 There was a lot of egg painting again...

 And spinning a Cotswold fleece off the combs.

As usual too much spinning!  Sorry I don't have pictures of everything!  Also I cleaned out my fiber, fabric & yarn stash and reorganized it.  This took 2 weeks.

I did a swap with a Ravelry group I belong to called Fun Onions.  This is what I got in the swap...I will be blogging more details about this soon with the resulting batt and yarn.
 Oh yes Newbury Park had a BIG fire...this is the view from my porch.
 We had a May Day party...that is the only picture I could find including myself! 
 And I made new Circus Not Pants and posted them on Etsy!
Just so you know the professional dance pictures are by Photographers Clint Marien and Roger Hendrix!