Monday, May 31, 2010

Portraits by Lee Corkett of Weathervane Images

Here are some pictures I just HAD to share! They were shot at the Around the World in 80 days show and were done by my good friend Lee Corkett of Weathervane Images! He is such a talented photographer, if you are EVER at an event and you get a chance to have Lee shoot you, take the opportunity you will not be sorry.
Tandava- my student dance troupe filled in with a couple of pros cause I needed an even 8 to do the choreography.
Left to right- Lisa-Riley-Talia-Jenn O.-Ayse-Kris-Gigi (Lee's wife)-me-Leilani-Jillian

The Reform Club-this was one of the opening pieces for 80 days, we did a combination of She'enedra & Medianoche. Khani & Gigi are Medianoche and they did the choreography, because Ayse & I were busy doing choreo for our classes. It was very different from our style and a lot of fun do dance...I'm afraid I was the big f-up in the group, but oh well, it was fun anyway!
Left to right- Khani Jo Zulu, Gigi, me, Ayse
Here's the cast...most of it anyway!

And last but not least I asked Lee to shoot a family picture for me.
Left to right- Jillian-Jasmin-Robert-Riley-me

Friday, May 28, 2010

Saloon Girls - Around the World in 80 Days

Catchin' up once again-let's start w/ Around the World in 80 days!

I have quite a lot to recap for the months of April & May both in my work as a fiber artist and a belly dancer. All this catching up is going to take a few installments on the blog and will start first excuse for lagging on my blog.

Have you heard of the stage shows I've put on? They are crazy! They include most of the tribal belly dancers in the greater Los Angeles area in some way or another, this year our cast alone was about 70 people! We also had 4 major backdrops, an after party, a boatload of volunteers, a handbuilt platform, the basket of a hot air baloon, an elephant, a lot of food, drink, a bakesale, a silent auction & a spotlight! I'll post some pics and video and you can see what I mean!

Stage set up beginning on the Friday before the show, Gigi is smiling in the foreground.

Performer check in table, Robin & her friend...

It's kind of crazy for a few girls who are NOT the Walt Disney company (no where near it), have hardly any money, BUT are blessed with a LOT of talented friends. If I say so myself it is a testament to what can be done with a little tenacity, and hard work.

This year's show theme was Around the World in 80 days and was a fund raiser for the Midnight Mission-Family Housing unit...I'm preparing to tie up the financial end of things and can proudly say we have collected $500 to donate! Not as good as last year ($1500), but everyone knows the economy totally sucks. So I am still proud of what we accomplished. And let me go ahead and drop some names you know who was in our show??? Unmata, Frederique, Tabu, Lee Ali, Sooz, Frank Farinaro, Aubre & her troupe Lumina Dance Company, Heather Shoopman & her troupe se7en becomes twe12ve, Marjhani, just an incredibly great cast!!
So here starts the slideshow...

This is my driveway with back drops being painted by my talented husband Robert & daughter Jillian

I cannot even imagine what people in the neighborhood of the show thought when they saw this scene! Girls have to go get their coffee, even if they are in costume...

I have a feeling the Tsingani girls don't believe we'll pull this off...or do they?

Jenn O. & Julie are modeling our t-shirts! We still have some if you want to buy one drop me a line...

Always sweet and patient Michelle, Ayse's sister...I honestly don't know why any of these people put up with us and our outlandish schemes!

One back drop going up

this is the lovely and ever dignified Bonnie of Tsingani fame...

Sooz & Zach

Jillian and Lisa (blurry)

Khani consulting w/ Sooz, Tabu standing to the side...Tech rehearsal blah blah blah!

Frederique & I'm not sure...Sloan and I think it's for the India part...

Khani & Ayse being very official... I just tried to stay out of their way and deal with other types of problems!

Jillian-Gigi, Kris, Lisa & Jenn in background

Ayse- Frank & I- Thank all my lucky stars when our original male star backed out of the show we found Frank Farinaro he could not only dance amazingly but act as well!!!

Umata on the stairs! We are so f-ing lucky!!

Dressing room scene

Heather Shoopman and her troupe- se7en becomes twe12e are a bunch of sillies...they did an amazing piece portraying a storm!

Aubre also a silly.

Politti tells me ALL the Geisha's smoke!

Tandava those Saloon girls!!

Look at what goes on backstage!! A bunch of kissing!!

For videos of the show check our group blog

Right after completing our stage show, I threw all my energy into preparing for Tribal Fest, we consolidated some of that energy by re-using some of the choreography from 80 days and presented a Trip Around the World themed piece. AND for me the icing on the cake was that I was honored with the opportunity to teach a workshop at Tribal Fest! Island Influences. I think it went very well, once again saying so myself...I had a good time anyway, we all got a good sweat and I did some cool fusing of Hula/Tahitian dance with Tribal Belly dance but that story is next...