Monday, April 8, 2013

Sweater satisfaction

This year has been all about finishing projects and especially sweaters. It started with Robert's sweater out of handspun (it had been sitting in my stash for a good 10 years).
 Then went on to a baby sweater for Rachel's baby soon to be born- Caleb.  It's the Hooded Pullover from 60 Quick Baby knits.  I made it out of Paton's 100% wool.
Then on to a sweater for another expectant mother Tonantzin & her baby Itzel.  Also out of 60 Quick Baby Knits made from Cascade Superwash 220.
Then onto a cardigan for Riley out of a mishmash of my own handspun yarns.  I'm improvising the pattern it's a raglan sleeved cardigan which will have 3 buttons at the top.  I'm just alternating the different yarns randomly to stretch it add to the selection of green yarns Riley made batts out of some roving and angelina, hopefully this will be enough though I may have to add a bit more...we'll see.
Including butterflies!
 And a sweater for myself out of an alpaca/silk/angora combination yarn that also was in my stash for at least 2 years.  I'm using the Bayside Pullover pattern by Hannah Fettig from the book Coastal Knits.
I can't believe how good it feels to actually finish things...I'd forgotten I hate to admit.  It just helps me feel like I'm moving energy that has been stagnant for too long.  I'm cleaning out and have sold a few things that I really didn't need to hoard, like an extra spinning wheel, wool combs, costume pieces that never fit.  Yay!