Friday, June 20, 2008

back from the U.k.

It was a whirlwind of a trip. I suppose I should have blogged along the way it would have been more interesting! But I'll try to back track on things a bit...

This photo is of Tsingani (Teresa & Bonnie) with me in the middle. We danced at a club in London called Darbucka that is just a great place to perform. Upstairs there is a restaurant, downstairs a club. It was a beautiful evening, I had great fun and danced a solo which is always a good self inflicted torture for me...

Eventually I will be able to post the video we are supposed to get one of the show as well as photos! I really hope there are some good ones!

We had a crazy time! About 6 days before we were going to leave the person who had promised to find us lodging backed out and BIG thanks to Bonnie for finding us some decent lodging at a fair price in a hotel. We were in a room right next to the hotel laundry so it did get a bit loud around 5 am when all the employees started work for the day. But it was clean, there was a big mirror, so we could practice & there were 3 beds! What more can I ask?

During the first night there while experiencing jet lag I discovered that I couldn't knit in the dark...actually I can knit in the dark most of the time...but it's too hard to find all 4 knitting needles in the dark!!

I will tell more about the trip later...right now I must go make peach jam!!