Monday, October 10, 2011

Check out Sparrow & Crowe

This is a new book that will come out in 2012 and I guess I'm proud of it cause my son Jared Souza is the artist. Take a look!!

The stupidest tea party I've ever been to, the mish-mash that is my brain, and plans

Last week was my youngest daughter's birthday and we had an Alice in Wonderland Tea party for her. Here are some pictures. It was crafting insanity for us for over a week! We made, all kinds of things inspired by the book Everything Alice. My oldest daughter was supposed to be a white rose that was painted red. And her boyfriend was a card with a paint brush.
Naturally the birthday girl was Alice & her boyfriend (who shares her birthday) was a Madd Hatter.

Riley was her own new character the Cheshire Queen!
And we played croquet on the front lawn.
Two things that have recently inspired my crafting plans are Project Runway and the pianist Vasily Primakov. How do two such unrelated things inspire my crafting plans well this is how.

Project Runway had a challenge where the designers had to dress a rock band naturally they made quite a few pairs of jeans. This made me realize I can easily do that! I love making pants.


I got to see the New West Symphony because my friend Michael Williams was a guest conductor and composer (he was fabulous of course). My inspiration though came from guest pianist Vasily Primakov who wore a very cool tux with pants that looked very modern.

I'm going to make my handsome husband (Robert) a pair of slacks for Christmas! He never ever wears slacks. The only time he wore a suit was for his mother's funeral...yeah, kinda bad isn't it? He couldn't even wear a the slacks with his jacket for our wedding...he wore jeans. I don't want to wait for someone to die before he wears slacks again. So here is the plan...I'm going buy some beautiful slack fabric and make his pants to fit exactly like his jeans. It may sound stupid but well I know if they fit like his jeans there's a chance he will wear them.

Here is his picture so you know he is really handsome...he is also a big goofy man! I chose this picture from Pirate faire cause I think it's funny how serious he looks! Ha!

The other idea I got is that I want to make Robert a sweater out of this dark blue handspun I made for him a long time ago and never knitted up. I've found 2 of the skeins I know there are plenty more. Last year I bought him a cashmere sweater which he wore every single day from December 25 till April...I am NOT kidding...I told you he is a goof ball.

Ok! Thats all for now folks! I'm busily preparing for my guild's harvest sale! Hopefully I'll sell something to make money to buy more fiber & fabric! Wish me luck!