Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tribal Fest 10- A Decade of DecaDance

The first things I did when I got started becoming interested in tribal bellydance were to read the Tribal Bible and buy a video (yes it was VHS then) of Fat Chance Bellydance. It must have been around 2002. I had been into cabaret dancing for years although I was not very devoted. My kids had their own lives and my husband was always so busy working and playing music that I just thought I would do something to get some exercise and make new friends and I wouldn't feel so lonely. Tribal answered all of my dreams of wanting to be connected to a community of women who did creative work and had a fun time while doing it. I had no idea how much tribal bellydance would take over my life and I feel incredibly blessed to be involved in it.
I'm the blurry one in the distance doing my very first performance at Tribal Fest in 2005 (I think!).

You probably already know that Kajira Djoumanha wrote the Tribal Bible and produces the Grandmother of all Tribal Bellydance Festivals Tribal Fest with her husband Chuck every year. I LOVE this festival! I've gone several times and it's always been so much fun. Seeing how much tribal has grown is just wonderful. I have met dancers from all over the world at Tribal Fest. In fact, last year my wonderful friends from Scotland came and stayed at my house en route to Tribal Fest. The shopping is incredible! Where else are you going to see all this stuff in person? And the whole event is like a wonderful dream.

Tribal Fest 2006 in the Sisterhood Dance Collective w/ Ayse, Heidi & Stephanie.

Tim Rayborn is in the back there, Solace was playing for us and we were dancing totally improv!
With Stephanie & Karen at TF 06

There are so many great teachers giving workshops at this event, and the energy is such a high you must go if you can!! I know that a lot of the workshops for the marvelous and famous teachers have already sold out, but you can watch on Tribe and Facebook to see if there are any cancellations for those classes. AND one thing I always do when I go to any festival, in addition to taking a class from one of my dream teachers, is to take a class from a lesser known teacher or someone who does a totally different style. And I've really enjoyed some of those classes because they are usually smaller and I learn something different than what I usually see everywhere. And that is part of why I'm posting this blog! CAUSE I'M TEACHING at TRIBAL FEST this year!! Yes! Little old me! I hope you will consider signing up for my class, it will be fun! And maybe I can show you something different that you will enjoy.
Tribal Fest 2006 w/Tribal Union

Here is the link for more information on going to Tribal Fest, you can sign up for workshops and everything NOW! And definitely come and see me dancing! I'm going to be performing with She'enedra of course : )

Monday, January 11, 2010


Dancing at Donavon's w/ my best buddy HeidiOur queen Riley & her mascot Olivia
My very buttery quiche-would you like the recipe?
Dancing w/ my students-Amy, Jillian,& Melissa at TFF
Jasmin & Jillian in the kitchen

I used to feel guilty if I made artist U-turns but not any more. Right now I think it's just a way of coping with life, looking at my limitations realistically. When I take on too many things I just can't do any of them justice. After my mother passed away, my whole family was just still swept up in the throes of Mythical Creatures, it was such a high that weeks passed before I had any feelings again. And I kept signing myself up for more and more projects to keep away any pain, I would alternate between being stressed about all the stuff I had to do and feeling unhappy. It's not like I forgot that I was in mourning, it's not like I was doing it on purpose, I just thought I was keeping busy. Anyway, I signed up for classes and certificate programs and every thing in sight! Now that I know what I was doing I'm slowing down a bit. Just trying to keep things simple, do my work-which is dancing and teaching classes- I've moved to a studio close to home Epica and put the bulk of my work on Tuesday night, I'm teaching one other class at the AHCCC on Thursday night, I'm taking a few workshops to support friends but not going crazy by taking classes all over creation, I'm organizing my house, playing with Riley, reading, working in the garden, knitting and spinning-quiet things mostly. It's good.