Thursday, July 31, 2008

Here's the Skyline's farms fleece

This is the Romney, uncombed & combed...I'm a horrible photographer...I know.

Kousa Dogwood Shawl

I'm am starting the Kousa Dogwood shawl from Knitting in America from Melanie Falick the pattern is by Selma Miriam. I bought some delicious tangerine Linen Mohair blend yarn from Louet the other day in Beverly Hills after my tattoo appointment! Yes I'm getting a new tattoo too!!! A knitting tattoo! I will post a picture of that when I get it.

Anyway, I don't understand how much yarn I need for this project it says..."63/4oz/25g balls (each approx 150yd/135m) of 2 ply fingering weight qiviut from Folknits....
There is no space between the 6 & the 3/4 so I'm unclear but I think it means 6 3/4 oz balls of yarn...which thank goodness I'm only using the yarn I am because I looked up the qiviut and it costs $63 a skein I kid you NOT!! I think I will have to go back and buy 2 more skeins of the yummy tangerine though, at a much more affordable $13.00

I guess I could use qiviut sometime if I spun my own...hmmmm

Anyway, I'm excited! I've never done counterpane, it doesn't look hard, just fun!

On another fibery note, I am combing out little tufts of romney wool that that I purchased from Skyline farms, it's very very pretty, I'm planning to dye it with natural dyes.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I hate Isms....WARNING I'm venting...

arrrgh!! I hate to complain publicly but WTF!! I had this experience which sent me into all kinds of feelings of inadequacy and insecurity about my age. It was asked that I not dance a particular gig regularly because of my age. Arrgh! ok! I also think this had to do with my ethnicity on top of it. These are such frustrating and painful issues. I am so ready to move away from L.A. right now and just be a fiber artist you don't even know.

BUT what can I do? I will move forward and just keep doing my work and working hard and teaching and choreographing and YES performing even if some people think I'm "old" It's such a state of mind I don't think of myself as old at all! And not only that, I don't think there is anything wrong with being old. I think it's lovely! I'm honored when I get the opportunity to learn from someone who has been around long enough to have experiences and insights that I haven't had yet. I don't care what age my friends are if they are 20 years younger or older than me! It has nothing to do with my joy in knowing them. I think this is all a materialistic, unnatural concept that we should only enjoy the company of other human beings who's only common denominator is their age! It's from school I believe. Back in the days when schools first started many children of different ages and ability levels shared the same class room. Now they are segregated by age and it's maybe just a necessity of dealing with so many human beings.
To bring it around isms? Ageism, sexism, racism...can you think of any more?
anyway, that's it! I'm done venting!