Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Anahata-The 4th Chakra

Today in yoga my teacher said the word Anahata, it is the word for the heart chakra and means unhurt, unstruck, unbeaten in Sanskrit.  In the way of synchronicity it drove straight to what I needed to hear something that reinforced me after some very mild morning unpleasantness.  I had heard things both from my daughter and my husband I didn't want hear, they weren't extreme at all but I'm trying to learn a new way to process my feelings about other people's feelings.  A way to protect my body from constantly taking in other people's unhappiness and making it my own the way I did in the past and turning it into illness.

I realized that I say I love a lot of things...I love my sewing machine, I love my bike, I love watching Outlander, and so on.  But what I'm using the word love as replacement for the word enjoy.  I wonder if using the word love that way is lessening it's power.  Probably not.  And pardon me if I'm stating the obvious but love is something much deeper then that!  Love isn't only about enjoying things or having pleasure, it is something you do even when you are uncomfortable.

When the person you love is saying something not very nice to you, or complaining about all the things they have to do, or pushing their belief system on you; you continue to love them even though you aren't enjoying it.

So today my heart is a little stronger.  Yay!

I got this from Wikipedia:
Peaked circle around a six-pointed star
Anahata symbolises love, empathy, selflessness and devotion. The center of force inspires humans to love, be compassionate, altruistic and devoted and to accept divine actions.

Oh I have one more tiny thing to say today...if you are having a problem with being creatively stuck at all, I recommend you try yoga.  I have been going to yoga somewhat consistently since March (ok a week or 2 off here and there), but when I go the visions that come to me in mediation are amazing...I have a million more things swimming in my little head that will be coming out as all kinds of art from yoga time!


Amanda May said...

Wow. That paragraph about continuing to love someone even when you aren't enjoying what they're saying - that just resonated so much with me right now. My mind is a little blown, but reading that has just made sense of what I've been feeling about some things. I shall have to ponder this more.... :) Thank you!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Amanda, I'm glad that what I said held meaning for you, I'm still processing it too. : )